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E-learning Classroom

Infostock has an advanced multi-industry e-learning platform with more than 2000 online courses classifed by subjects and different categories or levels, such as:

  • Master's
  • Specialists
  • Experts.
  • Courses.
  • Seminars.

Free Management of Professional Training

All corporations have an Annual Professional Training Loan for their employees from January 1st to December 31st every year. This Loan enables corporations to train their employees free of charge. Combining the services of Infostock and its e-learning platform facilitates the paperwork for our clients and we manage the Loan at no additional cost for all the corporations that undertake professional training courses with us.

Access to Certified Professional Training.

The e-learning section is a key platform for accessing Certified Professional Training as a prelude to Professional Certification, the step that confirms a student has the necessary knowledge to demonstrate their skills with a specific technical tool. Certifications distinguish the professionals that are specialists in hardware and/or software as individuals with a proven knowledge and the resulting value added in an increasingly competitive labour market.

Infostock Europa de Extremadura, S. A.



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